Project Name: Jewish Hospital

Project Description:

With their “no bad job” culture, HMC is always willing to help a client reach their specified goals. And when approached about budget restraints in the Jewish Hospital project, HMC value-engineered over $830,000 out of the job to keep the owner within budget.

The Jewish Hospital Medical Center East project involved the installation of HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, and fire protection systems for the new building. At 190,000 square feet, this medical facility features eight operating rooms, Endoscopy, CT, MRI, pre- and post-op areas, treatment areas, and doctor offices. Completing this fast track project was no small feat and required a crew of approximately forty craftspersons on site to complete within the thirteen month schedule.

Project Name: Floyd Memorial Hospital

Project Description:

Hussung Mechanical worked closely with Whittenberg Construction to construct the new state-of-the-art heart center at Floyd Memorial Hospital. Renovations and additions included: a lobby and registration area, operating rooms to perform open-heart surgery, beds for heart surgery patients, treatment rooms, 24-bed MedSurg Unit, Emergency Department, Women’s Center and a new Laboratory.

Hussung Mechanical worked with the design team and owner to develop a phasing plan for installation of new equipment with minimal interruption to the owner and without compromising patient care. Hussung Mechanical installed: two large VAV air handling units (140,000 CFM and 100,000 CFM), a 20,000 square foot constant volume air handling unit, two new 750 ton chillers, new cooling towers, a new primary/secondary pumping system, 350 BHP fire-tube steam boiler (interconnected with the three existing steam boilers to supplement the 100lb. steam system) and a new central oxygen park, medical air compressor, and domestic water softening system. Hussung Mechanical employed 32 Plumbers and 24 Pipe-fitters at its peak and completed this project in 18 months

Project Name: Baptist Hospital East
Project Description:

Hussung Mechanical provided the mechanical, plumbing and medical gas systems for the 290,000 sq ft Baptist Hospital East – Patient Tower Addition and Renovation project. The new addition includes 144 private patient rooms, eight operating suites, pre and post-operating rooms, administrative areas, and an eight-bed post anesthesia care unit (PACU).

Hussung Mechanical installed five custom built air handling units, two 460 ton chillers, five hot water boilers, new cooling tower, pumps, clean steam generator, steam-fired domestic water heater, medical gas equipment, and plumbing fixtures. Through close coordination with the construction team and owner, we were able to complete all tie-ins to existing systems seamlessly and without compromise to patient care.

Project Name: The Medical Center at Bowling Green

Project Description:

While giving special consideration to the nature and environment of a health care facility, Hussung Mechanical constructed the mechanical portion of a new 105,000 square foot emergency room addition, as well as providing services to extensively renovate the existing central sterile and central supply areas and the diagnostic department. More specifically, some of the items provided were: domestic water, soft water, soil waste and vent piping, storm drainage piping, plumbing fixtures, medical gas piping, air compressor, vacuum pump, and medical gas outlets. HVAC equipment included an additional boiler, deaerator, pumps, numerous air handling units, variable air volume boxes as well as a sub-cooling chiller for the surgery area. Steam, chilled water and specialty piping systems were provided for this equipment. A fully automated temperature control system was provided and matched with the existing hospital’s controls. During construction Hussung Mechanical was a partner in providing services that took special care to coordinate and implement necessary infectious control measures, address changes that affected life safety systems, and provide for the concerns of the overall health and well being of the hospital patients, staff, visitors, and our own workers.

Hussung Mechanical provided value engineering services by assisting the owner in meeting budget concerns. Combining smaller AHUs into larger units, rezoning areas to use fewer quantities of equipment, re-using existing equipment still in good working order and modifications of piping systems, fixture types and air handling units resulted in a savings to the owner of over $665,000.00.

Jewish Hospital