HMC offers professional design and engineering services for a variety of customers. Whether the client needs help with a full-service design/build project or is looking strictly for design expertise, HMC can create drawings from scratch for any construction project. We can also review a client’s previously developed drawings prior to the start of construction and assist them in finding better methods of implementation and ways to reduce costs. All HMC engineers utilize cutting edge technology and the latest equipment to efficiently and economically execute each set of drawings.

Design Assist

HMC’s Design Build team can work with your engineer to help expedite the completion of drawings, provide constructability and accessibility reviews, and provide real-time cost feedback during the design process.

Design Build

With single-source responsibility, HMC’s Integrated Design Build team can significantly compress project schedules by working simultaneously on design, procurement, and construction of your mechanical system. We can strictly control costs, and since we own it from concept through completion, change orders are a thing of the past.

CAD Coordination

HMC’s BIM Modeling capability allows them to identify conflicts between other trades, structure and architecture early in the life of a project which greatly reduces conflicts in the field during installation. Once coordination is complete we are able to instantly generate piping and plumbing spool drawings for our fabrication shops.

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